The SSEAs have been unveiled!

Jun 20, 2023News

Introducing the Security & Safety Entrepreneur Awards (SSEAs)

We are thrilled to unveil the Security & Safety Entrepreneur Awards (SSEAs), a prestigious platform dedicated to recognising and honouring entrepreneurs who are revolutionising the field of security and safety. These awards celebrate the visionary individuals and ground-breaking ventures that are committed to safeguarding people, organisations, and assets, making our world a more secure and protected place.

The SSEAs embrace a broad spectrum of security and safety initiatives, encompassing both start-ups and established businesses across all sectors. Our goal is to acknowledge the entrepreneurs who are making significant contributions to the industry by mitigating threats and ensuring the well-being of individuals and resources. By highlighting their accomplishments, we aim to inspire others and drive further innovation in the realm of security and safety. These esteemed awards have been developed through collaboration with leading industry associations and groups.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Founding Partners, the Banks Foundation, British Security Industry Association (BSIA), and Skills for Security, for their invaluable assistance in bringing the SSEAs to life.

At the SSEAs, we adopt a comprehensive definition of “security,” encompassing protection against intended threats of any nature, while “safety” includes guarding against other forms of threats to people, property, organisations, products/processes/services, or locations. By embracing this wide perspective, we acknowledge the diverse range of entrepreneurs who contribute to enhancing security and safety across various domains.

The SSEAs have been organised in partnership with The Security Event and will take place on 30th April 2024 at NEC Birmingham. Participating in the SSEAs presents a transformative opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their ground-breaking work. By engaging in this prestigious platform, they gain exposure, connect with like-minded individuals, and forge relationships with influential organiwations. Finalists will receive well-deserved recognition through extensive media coverage, culminating in an awards ceremony where winners will be revealed. This event promises invaluable networking prospects and the chance to engage with industry leaders and experts.

The SSEAs specifically highlight entrepreneurs offering services or products available in the United Kingdom. We firmly believe that entrepreneurs play a pivotal, albeit often unacknowledged, role in safeguarding individuals and assets. The SSEAs aim to rectify this oversight and shine a spotlight on their exceptional contributions.

The introduction of the Security & Safety Entrepreneur Awards heralds a new era of recognition and celebration for innovators in the security and safety industry. Through this prestigious platform, we aim to honour their achievements, foster collaboration, and inspire a collective commitment to creating safer and more secure environments.

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